New game – Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads is available on iOS

BARDADUM: The Kingdom Roads

Check out the release trailer for this indie puzzle game available now for iOS.

30th May 2014: The small french indie team Emedion Games reveals its first game release Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads.

Once upon a time in a medieval humorous world, there were two friends: a bard and a knight living through adventures over 500 puzzle game levels with progressive difficulty.

Bardadum is simple, accessible and based upon the player’s common sense and observation. Your quest is to help this duo and their fantasy friends be reunited with their respective object’s.

The paths of the characters cannot cross one another, that is the basis of the obstacles. A piece of cake? Don’t think so! The puzzles become progressively more complicated with new mechanisms appearing along the adventure!

Bardadum is currently available for 1.99$ on the App Store and will come soon for Android, Windows Phone and XBLIG.


Launch trailer :

Project page – Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads